About the Report

“Samruk-Energy” JSC declares its commitment to the principles of sustainable development in its operations. The Company sees this Report as one of the ways of communicating with stakeholders.

Views of stakeholders were considered during preparation of this Report, as well as all major aspects were covered in accordance with the GRI Standards: Basic version.

The Company was guided by the reporting principles of the “Global Reporting Initiative” and the GRI Electricity Industry (Electic utility, EU) protocol, the requirements for reporting of the UN Global Compact, Corporate Governance Code and the International Financial Reporting Standards at the preparation of the Report.

The Company adheres to the following approaches in determining the content and quality of the Report. Data in the Report associated with the future are based on forecast information, anticipated performance results are not guaranteed, they must not and cannot be considered as the most likely or typical scenario.

Actual results may differ significantly from planned and target indicators, expected results, estimates and intentions contained in forward-looking statements. Forecast statements are only valid on the date of the release of the Report.