“Samruk-Energy” JSC principles


High professionalism of the Company’s employees is a guarantee of its successful performance.
Therefore, the Company strives to create all necessary conditions for comfortable work and unlock the potential of each employee, providing equal opportunities for personal and professional development. Each employee seeks to improve competence using the opportunities provided by the Company, as well as independently.


Observance of rules allows us to remain a team of professionals united by common goals, a culture of behavior and traditions, and helps to maintain a good level of mutual understanding both within the Company and with business partners and customers


We provide the world with energy and strive to do it safely.


We recognize the importance of risk management as a key component of the corporate governance system and take all required actions aimed at the timely identification and mitigation of risks that may adversely affect the value and reputation of the Company.


In our operations, we strive to protect the environment and respect the communities with which we interact.
Our goals in the area of occupational health and safety and environmental protection, and general safety are the absence of accidents, harm to health and damage to the environment.


We are open to meetings, discussions and dialogue; we strive to build long-term cooperation with stakeholders, based on mutual interests, respect for rights and balance between the interests of the Company and stakeholders.